The Ocean Experience


oceanbuildingThis should hopefully give you some idea of what it was like to work for one of the biggest software companies of the eighties and nineties.

It was a time when kids would get quite violent in displaying their loyalty for either the ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64. It was a time when games could cost less than a fiver. It was a time when the games were crap to be quite honest, mind you the computers weren’t that sophisticated either.

Many mighty feats of programming were achieved using only 48Kb of RAM and some of those games still stand the test of time albeit standing like a one-legged dog.

You might think that working in the videogame industry is a serious business. Actually it wasn’t, the emphasis was on fun. We were mostly in our mid-twenties and still behaving like children, it was a bit like being at school again only this time the teachers were as bad as we were. I suppose we had some respect for our bosses but there was still an understanding that they were ‘one of us’.

Being a part of Ocean was like belonging to an extended family, everyone knew everyone else and most of the time people got along quite well. The morale was generally good but it did dip quite significantly especially near the end of a project.

I managed to capture a lot of the atmosphere through drawings and comic strips most of which I still own. I will be displaying them here along with a few memories of the place and hopefully interviews with some of the most promenant people who worked there. Also included will be reproductions of magazine articles and a few photos.

If you are interested in retro-gaming or just curious as to what life is like in the software industy then keep an eye on this site, you may find it of interest.